About VSI

VSI was established in 2014 to provide industry with deep insight and analysis on the enabling technologies used for active safety and automated driving. 

Today, VSI is considered one of the industry’s top advisors by supporting R&D & planning departments within major automotive and suppliers worldwide.

VSI’s research and advisory services cover the autonomous eco-system through an examination of hundreds of companies, thousands of products, along with a decomposition of leading AV builds from the likes of Waymo, Audi, Toyota, Volvo, Baidu and more.  These research solutions provide planning or research departments with critical information about the companies, products and technologies that compete in this space. 

VSI Labs conducts applied research on key components and platforms using simulation and real vehicle applications. VSI’s lab activities support a thorough decomposition of AV technologies through hands on development and buildup of its own automated vehicle platform.  VSI also conduct functional validations of critical enablers including sensors, domain controller, and AV software development kits.

VSI engineers are skilled in contemporary AV technologies such as PreScan, Simulink, OpenCV, Neural Networks, Python, C++, control theory, robotics (ROS), and Functional Safety ISO 26262.


Meet Our Team

Phil Magney.jpg

Phil Magney | founder & principal Advisor

I am passionate about the technologies for automated driving.

Outside the office I race Porsches and hold a Central Division title in SCCA.

Danny Kim.jpg

danny kim | Director & Senior Advisor

Autonomous vehicle development processes and enabling technologies are my areas of expertise. 

With my downtime, I enjoy golfing with buddies or fishing at one of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota, including ice fishing during the winter. I am also an avid learner of Korean and Japanese cooking.

Matthew Linder.jpg

Matthew Linder | Autonomous Solutions Engineer, Team Leader

I am interested in researching and developing all kinds artificial intelligence software especially for autonomous vehicles.  And I am also very interested in researching and developing all other kinds of algorithms for autonomous driving.

Outside of work, I like to go camping, biking, playing video games, and working on hobby programming projects. 

Maggie Abel.jpg

maggie Abel | Marketing Specialist

I am passionate about using social media & creativity to help VSI grow in the Autonomous Vehicles industry.

Out of the office, I love traveling, spending time outdoors with my family and friends, writing, and cheering on the Badgers!

Aniket Pendse.jpg

Aniket pendse | Autonomous Vehicles Solutions Engineer

My work at VSI includes using vision based systems for detection of lanes in front of the vehicle and determining the control output required for its autonomous motion. Later work will include implementing cruise control for the Autonomous vehicle. 

My hobbies include solving mathematical puzzles, watching movies, and playing soccer.

Amol Vagad.jpg

Amol vagad | autonomous vehicles software engineer

At VSI, I enjoy working with computer vision tools like OpenCV for detection of features like lanes, combining different tools together like OpenCV, Matlab and Prescan, and simulating algorithms on tools like Prescan.

Outside work, I enjoy photography, traveling, reading, and writing poetry.

Aaron Mowbray.jpg

Aaron mowbray | Research analyst

My work at VSI includes researching all companies, products, and news stories related to autonomous driving and active safety systems.

Outside of the office, I love watching and playing hockey, reading books, and fixing my own cars.

Tim Bornholdt.jpg

tim bornholdt | Partner & Technology Developer

I am responsible for maintaining the infrastructure behind the Autonomous Solutions Portal.

Outside of the office, I love running, drinking craft beer, listening to podcasts, and spending time with my wife and daughter.

P8291360 (002).JPG



At VSI, I am responsible for managing and enhancing contents of the Autonomous Solution Portal. 

Outside of the office, I love spending time with my family and friends, traveling, going for a walk, and swimming.