About VSI

VSI is the leading researcher of active safety and automated vehicle technologies. 

Since 2014 VSI has been decomposing the eco-system for automated vehicle technologies.  VSI has examined thousands of products representing over 800 companies from Silicon Valley startups to multinational automotive OEMs.

VSI also conducts applied research on the integration of AV solutions. Through it own fleet, VSI has examined major functional elements of automated vehicle systems including by-wire control systems, sensor fusion, localization, odometry, and precision localization.   

VSI offers various research portals that support product & technology planning, competitive analysis, IP discovery, and product engineering and development.  Subscriptions to VSI portals are an invaluable tool for improving your competitive position with the emerging eco-system for automated vehicle technology.  

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Meet Our Team

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Phil Magney | Founder & Principal Advisor

I am passionate about the technologies for automated driving.

Outside the office I race Porsches and hold a Central Division title in SCCA.

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Danny Kim | Director & Senior Advisor

Autonomous vehicle development processes and enabling technologies are my areas of expertise.

With my downtime, I enjoy golfing with buddies or fishing at one of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota, including ice fishing during the winter. I am also an avid learner of Korean and Japanese cooking.

Grant Faulkner | Vice President of Business Development

I lead VSI’s business development activity, and am passionate about helping great people and companies achieve their goals.

Outside the office I enjoy traveling, boating, cars, history, gadgets and technology, playing terrible golf, and being a dad.

Matt Glamour.jpg

Matthew Linder | Autonomous Solutions Engineer, Team Leader

I am interested in researching and developing all kinds artificial intelligence software especially for autonomous vehicles. And I am also very interested in researching and developing all other kinds of algorithms for autonomous driving.

Outside of work, I like to go camping, biking, playing video games, and working on hobby programming projects.


Mohamed Mohamud | Autonomous Solutions Engineer

My work as part of the engineering team is to develop and test the frameworks and algorithms necessary for automated driving.

Outside of my work at VSI Labs, I love the outdoors, reading Science Fiction/Fantasy and learning new things.

Tim Bornholdt.jpg

Tim Bornholdt | Partner & Technology Developer

I am responsible for maintaining the infrastructure behind the Autonomous Solutions Portal.

Outside of the office, I love running, drinking craft beer, listening to podcasts, and spending time with my wife and daughter.

Aaron Mowbray.jpg

Aaron Mowbray | Research Analyst

My work at VSI includes researching all companies, products, and news stories related to autonomous driving and active safety systems.

Outside of the office, I love watching and playing hockey, reading books, and fixing my own cars.


Sara Sargent | Engineering Project Manager

I work with clients and partners to help them get the most out of their VSI service and partnership. I manage the sponsorship program, marketing, social media, logistics, events and our internship program.

When I’m not at VSI I’m hosting dinner parties, painting, sewing, playing Skyrim, traveling, watching my goddaughter grow up too fast and loving new adventures with my husband and our cats, R2 and 3PO.

Natsuki Schwartz.JPG

Natsuki Schwartz | Content Manager

At VSI, I am responsible to oversee content creation activities for our portals and manage the portal content.

Outside of the office, I like spending time with my family and friends, traveling, and cooking.

Jacob Glamour.jpg

Jacob Miller | Autonomous Solutions Engineer (Intern)

As part of the engineering team, I work with my colleagues to write and test algorithms for autonomous driving.

Outside of my work at VSI Labs, I do research at the University of Minnesota and enjoy cooking, exercising, and traveling.


Duncan Ondala | Autonomous Solutions Engineer (Intern)

As part of the engineering team at VSI, my responsibilities include writing and testing of autonomous vehicle algorithms and hardware.

Outside work, my life is consumed by my two beautiful kids and I can't keep away from them. Also love watching Korean movies and Korean food.


Justin Kuta | Autonomous Solutions Engineer (Intern)

As part of the Autonomous Solutions Engineering team, my main responsibility is researching, developing and testing software for autonomous driving, with a focus on sensor fusion. This testing includes both simulations and real world scenarios. Additionally I maintain and troubleshoot computer and sensor hardware used on our vehicles.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with friends, long boarding around, playing video games and guitar.