The Automated Drive EAST

September 27-28, 2019 | Minneapolis to Washington DC | 1,000 Miles

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Just one month after the groundbreaking Automated Drive West, VSI Labs will be taking its automated testing vehicle 1,000+ miles cross-country in an unprecedented “Automated Drive East”. A team of three will depart on September 27th in Minneapolis, driving two days to their destination of Washington DC. VSI will be embarking on the journey with support from partners HERE and Trimble.


The purpose of VSI’s Automated Drive East is to test the benefit of using precision lanes models and enhanced GPS technology to improve the performance and safety of highway autonomous driving applications. Furthermore, the team seeks to better understand how these technologies operate across varying terrains, weather, and driving conditions.

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Enabling Technologies


Trimble RTX
Trimble’s precise point positioning (PPP) technology will enable precision localization in the testing vehicle.
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HERE’s HD Maps will enable precision lane behavior in the testing vehicle.
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