Bench and Vehicle Testing

VSI Labs is one of the few AV researchers who maintains its own vehicles for purposes of better understanding the technical challenges associated with automated vehicle functions. VSI is not in the business of trying to build a better self-driver car or to commercialize its AV stack. Our work is all about understanding how new methods or technologies improve the performance and safety of automated functionality.


VSI Labs is licensed and insured to perform this work on both public roads and private facilities.  VSI vehicles fully comply with FMVSS regulations and its safety drivers operate their duties according to a strict protocol.

Our vehicles are by-wire enabled using Dataspeed’s by-wire ADAS kit. This ensures a solid foundation on which we can apply our research and experiments. We’ve built up a number of AV stack configurations using a mix of open-source or organically developed software modules. VSI regularly examines the latest hardware and software components including leading softer development platforms, domain controllers and sensors.

VSI also conducts research on its own Tesla Model S. The purpose of this research is to help companies that are benchmarking Tesla or require deep insight on Tesla’s AutoPilot functions and the OTA activities that support it. 

How to Engage:

There are two ways in which you can engage with our lab research:

VSI Pro Research

This is a subscription-based service where users have access to a library of deep dive functional examinations.  For developers of automated vehicles these research assets will save you time and money as each functional breakdown tells you exactly how we built out the applications and integrated to code base necessary to perform those functions.  For component or system suppliers VSI Pro research assets help you better understand how componentry or subsystems get integrated into a full stack AV platform.

VSI Vehicle Sponsorship

This is a unique opportunity for suppliers to get their componentry integrated into one of VSI’s research vehicles. Vehicle sponsorship includes a variety of benefits.  From a marketing standpoint the vehicle wears your logo while VSI activity promotes your solution at exhibitions and AV driving demos. From a technical standpoint, engineering departments obtain valuable feedback during the integration and may learn nuances of their solutions not previously known. Lastly, vehicle sponsors have access to VSI Insights, a research portal that keeps you up to speed on industry