Bench and Vehicle Testing

As the leading researcher of automated driving technologies, VSI is applying what it has learned with bench and vehicle testing.

VSI gains deep insight through its applied autonomous vehicle research using its own vehicles.  These vehicles enable VSI to thoroughly examine the hardware and software componentry necessary to support automation features.

VSI also conducts research on its own Tesla Model S with AP 2.0. The purpose of this research is to help companies that are benchmarking Tesla or the OTA activities necessary to support a software defined car.

VSI Pro is a research service that includes a detailed decomposition of AV technology.  Subscribers of VSI Pro have access to a wealth of research assets that support the design and development of AVs or the components in them.

  • Calibration of by-wire control systems

  • Image-based detection & object classification methods

  • Radar-Doppler detection & tracking

  • Sensor fusion methods

  • Precision localization methods

  • Control systems decomposition

VSI skills include a combination of applied research and engineering skills in automotive systems, software, and real-time computing. VSI’s hardware and software engineers are experienced in Python, C++, OpenCV, ROS, Caffe, Tensorflow, neural networks, simulation tools, and Functional Safety ISO 26262.