As the leading researcher of automated driving technologies, VSI is applying what it has learned with bench and vehicle testing

Our Labs division includes two types of activities:

Autonomous Vehicle.jpg

Bench Testing – VSI can examine hardware and software components used in the development process of perception and control algorithms and AV solutions. Everything is done in simulation and on desktop computers!  Autonomous driving algorithms are trained and tested in simulations using synthetic profiles of sensor data and synthetic datasets. The purposes of these tests are to better understand the features available as well as the usability of the software tools.

Vehicle testing – Using Open Source Car Control (from Polysync), VSI is building a car that will allow us to examine AV hardware and software. With OSCC, car control signals can be applied directly to an open interface specification enabling VSI to examine hardware and software components without having to reverse engineer the control signals.

VSI’s AV Development Service is designed to help you better understand the range of development tools and enablement kits on the market and will be an invaluable resource for understanding the latest technologies and development solutions related to automation technologies. The research conducted in our Labs division is offered through its secured portal, which will include detailed performance reports, data logs and associated videos to provide you with the most comprehensive examination short of doing it yourself.