VSI Labs Announces Agreement with MarkLines (Japan) 

Minneapolis, MN, Jan. 30, 2019 - VSI Labs announced today that it has reached an agreement to become a research partner with MarkLines Co. Ltd. Under this agreement VSI Labs will provide technology research and insight on Autonomous Vehicle (AV) technologies to the MarkLines web portal. VSI Labs is known for its technical insight on the components, systems and software trends used for AV systems.

“We are thrilled to have a partnership with MarkLines which provides the industry’s leading Automotive Information Platform for key OEMs and automotive suppliers,” said Phil Magney, founder and principal advisor of VSI Labs. “We look forward to working with MarkLines and support their customers by providing our deep insight and analysis on the enabling technologies used for active safety and automated driving.”

Makoto Sakai, founder and CEO of MarkLines, commented that "We are honored to be partnering with VSI Labs and expect to benefit from their deep knowledge of autonomous vehicle technologies to provide enhanced content to our automotive industry portal (www.marklines.com) customers and look forward to assisting VSI Labs to gain greater market recognition in Japan.”

About MarkLines

MarkLines Co., Ltd. is a global provider of online automotive information services via its Automotive Industry Portal. The web-based platform’s search engine allows MarkLines customers to access information on all key areas of the global automotive industry including vehicle production, sales, technology, and component information. MarkLines also provides online promotion & advertising services for suppliers to introduce their company’s products to automakers as well as system and component suppliers. Currently, MarkLines user base is comprised of approximately 2,900 companies in the automotive industry supply chain including Japan domestic and overseas automakers, parts suppliers, and material manufacturers. More information on MarkLines can be found at https://www.marklines.com/en/.