VSI Labs Putting Minnesotans in the Passenger Seat of Self-Driving Cars in Honor of National Autonomous Vehicle Day

Minneapolis, MN, May 23, 2019 - VSI Labs, a leading researcher of automated driving technologies, is hosting a technology exposition on self-driving cars at their innovation lab in Saint Louis Park, MN, in celebration of National Autonomous Vehicle Day.

The event is scheduled from 12:45 to 4:30 p.m. on May 31 and will offer individuals a unique opportunity to hear from some of the industry’s key innovators and experience a ride in one of VSI Labs’ autonomous vehicles. The event will also give attendees the chance to network with key AV thought leaders from industry, government, academia, and the media.

“We’re thrilled to be part of VSI Labs’ exposition and provide their autonomous vehicles with the HERE HD Live Map,” said Matthew Preyss, HERE’s expert on autonomous driving. “By utilizing our HDLM data, VSI is testing different autonomous functions like automatic cruise control, lane keeping, lane changing and more.”

AV technologies are a rapidly emerging global technology. Partial automation is already becoming available in passenger cars, while fully automated vehicles will start emerging in major cities in just a few years. Due to such rapid advancements in automation, consumers must keep up with the benefits and limitations of this new technology. “As an industry-leading researcher of active safety and automated vehicle technologies, VSI Labs is thrilled to provide such a platform for industry leaders to share knowledge with consumers,” said Phil Magney, VSI Labs’ Founder and Principal Advisor, who will be speaking at the event.

VSI will also announce details of their partnership with the inaugural Drive World Conference & Expo (Santa Clara, CA), and the companies’ exciting new initiative -- the “Automated Drive West,” where VSI will conduct automated driving experiments on interstate highways on the days leading up to the event.

Additional Speaker Sessions Include:

  • Sue Mulvihill, MnDOT Deputy Commissioner/Chief Engineer, will present on Current Connected and Automated Vehicle Initiatives for MnDOT

  • Dr. Sinan Yordem, 3M Connected Roads Program Business Development Manager, will present on Infrastructure for Assisted and Automated Vehicles

  • Robert Gough, OxTS Product Engineer, will present on Improving Open Road Position Performance with gx/ix™ Tight Coupling

National Autonomous Vehicle Day was first observed in 2017 as a celebration of one of the most important collaborations between science and technology to come along in a generation. This was also the year that the first ten testing sites dedicated to the development of these cars were announced by the United States Department of Transportation.

About VSI Labs
Established in 2014 by Phil Magney, VSI Labs is one of the industry’s top advisors on AV technologies, supporting major automotive companies and suppliers worldwide. VSI’s research and lab activities have fostered a comprehensive breakdown of the AV ecosystem through hands-on development of its own automated vehicle platform. VSI also conducts functional validation of critical enablers including sensors, domain controllers, and AV software development platforms. Learn more about VSI Labs at https://vsi-labs.com/.