VSI Pro Report: Auto Steering with Lane Centering

Pro Report 4 Cover - Square.jpg
Pro Report 4 Cover - Square.jpg

VSI Pro Report: Auto Steering with Lane Centering


Lane centering (also known as lane keeping assist, Autosteer, etc.) monitors the vehicle’s lateral position in its lane and automatically adjusts the steering angle to keep the vehicle centered in the lane. Most lane centering systems available in current production vehicles still require the driver to keep their hands on the steering wheel. These systems often provide alerts and steering input when the vehicle is detected to drift away from the detected lane. Meanwhile, several car manufacturers offer lane centering as part of their L2 automated systems which provide more active steering control such as Tesla’s AutoPilot and GM’s Super Cruise. In this report, VSI discusses how to create lane detection and control algorithms for lane centering and implement automated steering control on our research vehicle.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    • Prerequisites

  • Procedure

    • Initial Measurements

    • Lane Centering Architecture

  • Observations & Results

    • Lane Detection

      • OpenCV Detection

      • PID Turning

    • Additional Measurements

  • Alternative Solutions

  • Conclusion