Research Portals

VSI offers its research through three unique packages:


VSI Insights

The AV/ADAS Insights Portal provides a continuous flow of information on the companies, products and markets in the Autonomous Vehicle space. This is a service for tracking all relevant company and technology news, plus insights and perspectives on the latest technical challenges associated with developing or deploying AV technologies. You’ll also have access to bi-weekly newsletter and in-depth Technology Brief.

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VSI CAV Componentry

For those who would like to dig deeper into the AV value chain, the CAV Componentry Portal is a research service that gives you everything in the VSI Insights Portal but includes deep dives into the products and solutions offered by the hundreds of companies supplying components and systems. In addition, this includes profiles of the latest AV Platforms from manufactures to tier ones to leading software companies. 



If you are on the development front or doing heavy R&D planning, you will benefit from the AV Pro Portal, the first research portal built exclusively for engineers and developers of autonomous vehicle systems. AV Pro is an examination of software and hardware products used in the development of AV solutions. Some products are examined in a bench setting using simulation while the others are based on a real vehicle. 

AV Research Portals At-a-Glance

VSI Insights | For IP Discovery

  • Daily AV industry news with VSI’s perspectives

  • Bi-weekly report on AV technology trends

  • Bi-weekly newsletter

  • Dynamic AV ecosystem infographic

  • Company roundup & assessments (800+ company profiles)

VSI CAV Componentry | For Technology Planning & Competitive Analysis

  • Insights features, plus:

    • Product roundup & assessments (1200+ product profiles)

    • AV solution profiles for series production, concept and development platforms

    • AI topical report for automotive applications

VSI Pro | For R&D Advanced Planning, Engineering Support

  • Componentry features, plus:

    • Pro reports - functional examination of ADAS and AV components and development solutions using VSI’s test vehicles. Complete decomposition of AV application build-up using cameras, radar, LiDAR, AI and other popular AV development tools

    • Tesla OTA reports - examination of Texla OTA activities and Tesla AP performance enhancements