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Do You Supply Components, Systems, or Modules for Self Driving Cars?

VSI is building an advanced AV development vehicle where sponsors can become part of the build. Suppliers of hardware and software components are invited to participate in this program and get their solutions into a fully functional autonomous vehicle.

The VSI Labs Capability Demonstrator is equipped with sponsored components from best in class companies supporting the autonomous vehicle industry. The sponsored components are integrated by VSI’s AV Solutions Engineers to test and demonstrate the capabilities enabled by outstanding technology.

The Capability Demonstrator travels to conferences throughout the year to expose people to autonomous driving while exhibiting the systems enabled by the sponsored components.

Promote Your Technology

A variety of sponsorship packages are available to get your components into this build. The car will also wear your logo and your technology will be featured as an enabler of the automated vehicle.

VSI will showcase the vehicle at conferences and media events, and media assets will be available for publication through your own marketing channels.

The integration of your component will be fully documented and the results and feedback become vital to your development team.

Research and Development Benefits

  • Report detailing the integration of your product and the performance

  • 1 year VSI Insights access (regularly $15K)

  • Upgrade to Pro access for $25K  

Marketing Benefits

  • Logo on vehicle for 1 year

  • Provided product integrated into vehicle for 1 year

  • Appearance at 1 media event

  • Appearance at minimum of 5 conferences annually

    • AutoSens Detroit

    • TU Automotive

    • Automated Vehicles Symposium

    • DriveWorld Conference & Expo

    • ARM TechCon

    • AV Test & Development Expo

Learn more about sponsorship exposure >

Current Sponsors

Oxford Technical Solutions

  • OxTS RT 3003

  • INS with RTK Corrections

  • INS Localization

  • IMU & GPS Data

HERE Technologies

  • HERE HD Live Map

  • Precision Lane Models

  • Road Attributes


  • FLIR ADK Thermal Camera

  • Pedestrian Detection & Classification


  • Simulation/Digital Twin


  • By-Wire Control System

  • Ability to Control Throttle, Brake, Steering & More

Bolton & Menk, Inc.

  • Signal Phase and Timing

  • Stoplight Intersection Traversal and Negotiation


  • Environmental Mapping

  • 3D Object Detection


  • Central Compute Platform


  • Processors

Points of Entry

There are several pieces of the build that you may sponsor, such as security/fail safe solutions, in-vehicle networking, driver monitoring, sensors, odometry, domain controllers, and more.