AV Sponsorship Opportunities

Do You Supply Components, Systems, or Modules for Self Driving Cars?


VSI is building an advanced AV development vehicle where sponsors can become part of the build. Suppliers of hardware and software components are invited to participate in this program and get their solutions into an fully functional autonomous vehicle. The AV solution is based on the latest control systems engineering from Dataspeed and applied to a 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid. 

Promote Your Technology

A variety of sponsorship packages are available to get your components into this build. The car will also wear your logo and your technology will be featured as an enabler of the automated vehicle.

VSI will showcase the vehicle at conferences and media events, and media assets will be available for publication through your own marketing channels.

The integration of your component will be fully documented and the results and feedback become vital to your development team.


Points of Entry

There are several pieces of the build that you may sponsor: 

  • Sensors – Camera, Radar, Lidar, Thermal, Ultrasonic
  • Application Algorithms (perception, motion control, path planning, etc.)
  • Localization SW (HD Maps)
  • Odometry (IMU/GNSS/RTK)
  • Domain Controllers
  • V2X Solutions (connectivity)
  • Security/Fail Safe Solutions
  • RTOS/embedded
  • In-vehicle networking/cabling
  • Driver/Occupant Monitoring
  • Simulation/Modeling 

Sponsorship Fees

Component sponsorship fees depend on the complexity of the integration. If your solution is available as a development kit and supports common OS and processor architectures, the integration will be based on standard pricing. If organic coding is necessary the fees may be higher.

  • Your component/solution becomes parts of the integrated AV solution
  • The development, setup and integration are fully documented (you get results – a technical decomposition of the integration within the full AV stack)
  • The vehicle wears your logo
  • The vehicle is featured at VSI Media Events as well as conferences in Detroit and Silicon Valley
  • The sponsorship includes a 12-month Subscription to VSI Insights to keep you informed on the latest development in AV technology

Get Started

Questions about sponsorship? Contact us.