VSI Labs Launches New Tool for Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem Research

St. Louis Park, MN – September 16, 2019 – VSI Labs, industry-leading research company on active safety and automated driving, has launched an innovative new tool to support Autonomous Vehicle (AV) research. Aptly titled the Ecosystem Examiner, the interactive web-based application helps users understand the composition of the AV industry. The Ecosystem Examiner can be used for conducting competitive research, identifying points of entry into the AV landscape, and staying up to date on industry news. 

The first-of-its-kind tool allows users to thoroughly examine the ecosystem for automated driving by breaking down categories within componentry, tools, functions, and platform type. With the check of a few boxes, the Ecosystem Examiner generates a custom visual of all the AV companies within a selected area. Users can hover over companies to read additional details on the organization, view their key products, and find relevant information on clients, partnerships, and investments.  

The Ecosystem Examiner is based on VSI’s structured framework for partitioning the functional domains of ADAS and automated driving systems – something the company has been building since its inception 5 years ago. VSI was launched in 2014, offering syndicated research services to companies looking for information on the largely unmapped AV space. Today, VSI is one of the industry’s top advisors on AV technologies, with services being used by major automotive OEMs, tier 1 suppliers, tech companies, component suppliers, and government sectors.  

Automated vehicle systems are a complex endeavor for anyone trying to compete in this space. Automotive OEMs and suppliers have been very active over the past several years with investments and acquisitions designed to improve their strategic position in the market. Meanwhile, large technology companies are developing platform strategies and making aggressive investments. Beyond traditional automotive and technology companies, there are hundreds of other businesses in adjacent sectors and industries vying for a piece of the ever-changing AV ecosystem.  The Ecosystem Examiner is designed to serve these use cases.  

“AVs are a hot topic right now, and with that comes a great deal of hype and noise. VSI has always been committed to sorting through that to give our clients the most accurate look at the industry,” says Phil Magney, Founder & Prinicpal. “The Ecosystem Examiner can really help users get a clear picture of the AV space at any given time. We’re excited to be able to provide such an important service.” 

Those interested in learning more about the Ecosystem Examiner can contact VSI, or purchase a subscription on their website.  

About VSI Labs
Established in 2014 by Phil Magney, VSI Labs is one of the industry’s top advisors on AV technologies, supporting major automotive companies and suppliers worldwide. VSI’s research and lab activities have fostered a comprehensive breakdown of the AV ecosystem through hands-on development of its own automated vehicle platform. VSI also conducts functional validation of critical enablers including sensors, domain controllers, and AV software development kits. Learn more about VSI Labs at https://vsi-labs.com/.