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VSI is a technology research company that examines the building blocks for autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies . From raw components to complete AV systems, VSI examines the critical technologies necessary to produce automated driving systems. VSI understands the whole stack from perception to behavior to control. 

VSI offers research services based on a framework in which the entire eco-system is mapped.  Our research framework allows users to quickly identify key suppliers for each of the elements within the AV hardware and/or software stack. Furthermore, this framework allows users to identify potential suppliers/partners, conduct competitive analysis, and identity white space within the AV value chain.

VSI offers technical research to prequalify products and technologies for R&D projects. VSI Labs is doing simulation and testing of hardware and software components and development kits used for automation. VSI Labs has bench simulators for algorithm development while vehicle deployment is done on an OSCC-enabled Kia Soul that is configured with an open interface to the by-wire controls of steering, throttle, and braking.  VSI Labs will routinely examine the functional performance of HW or SW components as well as development kits for active safety or automation feature.


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